FME is passionate about developing entrepreneurs to attain their purpose and vision. It therefore provides Mentorship and have a team of dedicated Mentors to make a difference in entrepreneurs businesses. Mentorship is provided in the following businesses:

  • Food services

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Agri Business

    • Crop

    • Livestock

FME also provides Mentorship Training.

The South African government, in an attempt to accelerate economic growth and development, has identified the SMME sector and entrepreneurs as a vehicle capable of bringing about this change. Unfortunately, this growth has been stifled due to the high failure rate of entrepreneurial businesses in the SMME sector. A possible solution for SMMEs and entrepreneurs is the introduction of mentoring. Mentoring entrepreneurs is the function of nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs by providing them with the crucial professional skills, development and moral support in an attempt to positively impact on the business’s sustainability.

As entrepreneurs and SMMEs can positively contribute to South Africa, it is therefore critical that we support, nurture and encourage their efforts.

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